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I'm a researcher and Protocol Director at the Media and Personality Lab at Stanford, working with Professor Gabriella Harari. Our research focuses on understanding the interaction between people’s digital media use and their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the context of daily life.

I'm interested in how personality relates to online user behaviors on social media and user-generated content platforms. I recently completed my Master's thesis, "Who's Watching What? Personality, Behaviors, and Video Preferences on YouTube," which consisted of:

+ Experiment design - working with the Institutional Review Board to design a research protocol 

+ Literature review - understanding what's been done before in the field

+ Survey creation - making and testing surveys for research participants

+ Recruitment - finding said participants

+ Data collection - executing multiple stages of surveys and activities 

+ Data digestion and analysis - either proving my hypotheses right or wrong... stay tuned!

+ Writing - synthesizing it all into a thesis paper 

Skills: Experiment design, Quantitative and qualitative research, Data analysis, Academic writing


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