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computer graphics, 3D modelling and rendering


Project Vision

My partner and I are both huge Disney/Marvel fans, and in the midst of the Avengers: Endgame trailers being released in Fall 2018, we sought to recreate Tony Stark's garage-turned-laboratory as seen in Iron Man 2. 

Process Overview

To create a realistic scene, we used Maya, OpenGL, and a Raytracer. 

In Maya, we focused on:

+ creating 3D models from scratch of the sunglasses, room walls, garage tunnel, etc.

+ modifying Iron Man suit 3D model to become an incomplete suit

+ texturizing objects and implementing normal mapping

+ composing overall scene and image

With OpenGl, we:

+ implemented all lighting, including creating our own Spotlight class

+ implemented transmission, reflectivity, and specular highlights

Finally, we raytraced the image to produce the final high-quality image.​


Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 10.09.46

First render in OpenGl without textures or lighting


Check out the details of our implementation here.

Skills: Maya - 3D modeling and texturing, OpenGl - lighting, Composition

Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 10.09.33

Rendered with textured 3D models in Maya, without lighting

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