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I'm big on taking initiative and being a team player. In the past, I've worked as a Product Marketing Manager Intern at Axon (pictured above) in Scottsdale, AZ, Urban Planning Media Intern at Issy Média in Greater Paris, France, and a Social Media Marketing Intern at StoryCenter in Berkeley, CA.

At Axon, I worked within the Marketing organization and across the company. I exercised my leadership, collaboration, and project management skills by completing several cross-functional projects, including:

+ Chatbot pilot

I scripted a brand new chatbot for the website and then managed 300+ chat requests to streamline the customer journey, convert more leads, and close more deals.

+ Product webinar series

I coordinated with the Sales Representatives team to plan and deliver a creative email campaign and webinar/live Q&A series for the new TASER 7.

Release Notes improvement strategy

I honed in on the customer experience by understanding why release notes went unread by administrators. I created a customer survey and digested the insights to develop a 6-month iterative plan for addressing friction points. I collaborated with the Demand Generation team to execute A/B tests. 

I worked closely with the Product organization as well, where I contributed to a new product pitch by:

+ Conducting market research and voice of the customer interviews to define feature requirements

+ Analyzing competitive intel to determine recommended pricing plans


At Issy Média and StoryCenter, I focused on outreach and content by:

+ Leading content strategy and writing 30+ articles for the English version of a French website 

+ Producing case studies and interviews of the nonprofit's employees and clients


Skills: Market and user research, Feature documentation, Surveys, Event planning, Creative strategy


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