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OOPSIE DAISIE SUNNIES - eBay for Charity Store 

product design, startup, entrepreneurship

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Oopsie Daisie Sunnies is an eBay for Charity store, founded in the summer of 2013. Our team of 5 teenage girls founded the company through the eBay/Junior Achievement young entrepreneurs program in Silicon Valley. All proceeds are donated to a local nonprofit, Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN)

With a 100% customer satisfaction rating and $1000+ in profit in just two months, ODS was the most successful company to come out of that summer program. After presenting our founder experience and results to eBay/JA Executives, we were invited to join the eBay Teen Committee in San Jose, CA. 

Our team continued to develop ODS after the program, expanding our business to international markets, and furthering our relationship with FCSN to support our local community.

Partnership with eBay/Junior Achievement (Summer 2013)

In just 10 weeks, our team of 5 high school students went from having no knowledge about entrepreneurship to running a profitable and successful company. As the Chief Innovation Officer, my role was to design and create our sunglasses, manage our international supply chain, and collaborate with the Chief Marketing Officer to execute our national go-to-market strategy.


Our summer with eBay looked something like this:

+ Week 1: Partnering with eBay mentor to learn about startups, being founders, and entrepreneurship

+ Week 2: Researching potential markets, Needfinding amongst our local communities

After Week 2, we realized that DIY accessories were a huge untapped market, especially with the rise of online platforms like Etsy. Based on our research and interviews, we decided to create DIY, high quality embellished sunglasses. 

+ Week 3: Building international supply chain, Designing sunglasses models, Creating company name and logo

+ Week 4: Developing marketing materials, including an advertisement video that received 1000+ views in 2 weeks, Creating Instagram for outreach, Making sunglasses to sell

+ Week 5-9: Continuing outreach and advertising, Managing supply chain relationships, Making and selling sunglasses to customers across the country

+ Week 10: Presenting our results to eBay and Junior Achievement executives, Received official invitations to join eBay Teen Committee

+ Winter 2013: Invited to attend Best CEO Awards in San Francisco, CA

This program changed my life and opened the world of entrepreneurship to me. Since launching Oopsie Daisie Sunnies, I am continuously inspired to build products that people love. 

Partnership with Friends of Children with Special Needs (2013-2015)

After the conclusion of the summer program, Oopsie Daisie Sunnies was one of few companies to continue to thrive. We officially partnered with Friends of Children with Special Needs, a Fremont nonprofit organization. Highlights of our partnership include:

+ Donating all Oopsie Daisie Sunnies proceeds to FCSN through the eBay for Charity platform

+ Expanding ODS' market to international regions

+ Having all members of ODS go through volunteer training to work with special needs students

+ Volunteering at FCSN's annual fundraising gala

+ Creating an eBay store for FCSN's own soapmaking business, which employs special needs adults

After a 2-year partnership with FCSN, we had supported countless special needs students through FCSN's programming.


Oopsie Daisie Sunnies came to close after the summer of 2015, when 4 of 5 members (everyone but me) left Fremont, CA to attend colleges around the country. Thank you to eBay, Junior Achievement, and FCSN for a phenomenal experience. 

Skills: Research, Product Design, Marketing, Go-to-Market, Advertising, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Partnerships

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Examples Oopsie Daisie Sunnies Models

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